Services & Rates

My services include:

  • editing manuscripts, grant proposals, qualitative research, PhD dissertations, CVs and resumes, websites, marketing materials, and more;
  • writing research reports, book reviews, blog posts, narrative and critical essays and articles; and
  • reviewing and critiquing creative and academic work, including fiction, non-fiction, and literary criticism.

Editing Services & Rates

I regularly use APA, Chicago, AP, and MLA style formats and can easily adapt to in-house or other formats to accommodate my clients’ needs. My services include:

  • Developmental editing ($105/hour)
  • Copy editing ($95/hour)
  • Proofreading ($85/hour) 

Contact me with a description of your project and which service you need, and I'll provide you with an estimate. If you're unsure of which service you want, I'm happy to speak with you about your project and can offer a free, initial scan of your document(s) to help you identify which service best suits your needs.

Writing Services & Rates

  • Research, interviews, and preparation ($105/hour) includes any initial background reading, research or data collection, interviews, focus groups, site visits, etc. required to successfully complete the writing project. 
  • Writing ($0.75/word) includes initial outlines and up to two drafts based on client feedback. Requests for additional revisions or changes beyond the scope of the original assignment will be billed by the hour.

You can browse my Publications and About pages to get a sense of what I have written before. I'm confident and interested in taking on a wide range of topics, so it is worth getting in touch with me first, but if I'm not the right fit, I may be able to refer you to someone who is! That said, subjects I've written about previously include but are not limited to

  • access, equity, diversity in higher education;
  • arts and humanities education, curriculum innovation, interdisciplinary learning, and global, civic, and diversity learning;
  • book, film, and television reviews;
  • social and environmental sciences; and
  • arts, media, and culture.